What We Do

Our experience, accumulated from operating on several continents, ensures our ability to be mission-ready at all times. Our personnel and resources are an integral part of the government, humanitarian and peacekeeping missions.

Conventional Aviation

Flight Operations

We provide fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft on long and short-term ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance) leases or ad-hoc charters. Our crews have experience in various operations involving passengers, cargo (including heavy lift and dangerous goods cargo), aerial firefighting, EMS and SAR and other services.

Our team also provide an array of services, including crewing, flight planning and flight following.

Aviation Services

We provide a wide range of other aviation services:

  • Training
    We provide and manage flight and maintenance training programmes for conventional aircraft, including international pilot and aircraft maintenance differences training.
  • Maintenance and Repair
    We are an approved Part-145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, Part-M Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO). We also hold a Part-21 Design Organisation Approval Certificate.
  • Aircraft Charter
    We provide ad-hoc cargo and passenger charter flights (executive, corporate, VIP and VVIP) for a wide variety of missions using over 45 models of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.
  • Aircraft Management
    We provide full aircraft management services (for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft), including Aircraft Maintenance Management and CAMO (Continuing Aircraft Management Organisation) support and short- and long-term storage and parking.
  • Ground Support
    Our missions frequently require us to fly into locations where even the most basic ground support is unavailable. Our crews are skilled at adapting to any situation, swiftly creating the necessary ground handling to load, unload and get our aircraft airborne again. Our extensive knowledge of a variety of cargo, passenger and combi aircraft in support of our global operations, together with our in-country experts, ensures cost-efficient and effective flight routing and scheduling, payloads, cargo preparation, warehousing and customs clearance.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Gilridge aims to be at the forefront of new technological innovation in humanitarian and disaster relief support, sustainability and capacity building.

We are responding proactively to new challenges and opportunities facing our businesses and leading the case for UAS in our humanitarian and other operations. The significant improvement in the capability of current and next-generation UAS will create opportunities to enhance our product offering and develop new markets. We will introduce a fleet of cargo UAVs over the next five years for medical deliveries, humanitarian aid, peacekeeping cargo and general cargo deliveries using the latest all-electric and hybrid-electric UAS.

We are partnering with leading UAS manufacturers, including Swoop.aero, ElroyAir and Pipistrel Vertical Solutions.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

We provide a comprehensive operational approach that is indispensable to our customers, solving strategic challenges by applying our extensive expertise to deliver reliable mission support, capacity building and consulting and advisory services. We integrate these solutions flawlessly into any project, both holistically and on a case-by-case basis. Our resourceful and flexible approach guarantees that our customers and stakeholders benefit from a service that comprehensively and innovatively covers all of their needs, unconstrained and unlimited.

Our integrated logistics solutions include:

  • Mission Support
    We support governmental, UN, and NGO operations and projects around the world, bringing together exceptional people with exceptional skill sets to solve supply chain challenges and provide field logistics and management.

    Our staff, senior personnel, and management have decades of experience providing risk assessment and logistical solutions in the most demanding operational contexts.

    Our support includes establishing supply chains, constructing roads and airstrips, establishing camps, as well as providing clinical treatment centres and supplying them with the vaccines, medical kits, and trained personnel necessary to manage them effectively. We also provide access to a wide range of global resources through our strategic partnerships, ensuring that our procurement and delivery procedures are in line with and exceed existing industry standards.
  • Capacity Building
    We provide capacity building support through focused training and assistance for stakeholders and partnerships with local organisations. Key areas of our services such as maintenance, cargo handling, security, and facilities services can be supported by local staff, generating income, boosting the local economy and developing sustainable skill sets. These partnerships bring local knowledge and experience and our humanitarian expertise together in a collaborative working relationship to deliver better results and more resilient development in the long-term.
  • Multimodal Transport
    We have the knowledge, expertise and global partnership network to facilitate the transportation of cargo, resources, and personnel by land, sea and air. Our expertise in delivering cost- and time-effective ground distribution in demanding and austere operational contexts allows us to provide scalable integrated turn-key solutions to our customers and stakeholders, from supporting critical deliveries to repairing or constructing roads that serve as vital supply lines. We provide the necessary support to make any delivery operation a success – on budget and on time.

    Our flexibility is reflected in our consummate ability to deal with and adapt to supply chain interruptions and shifting strategic priorities. By adjusting our approach, we ensure that logistical and strategic continuity is maintained.

Professional Linguistic Services

We offer comprehensive linguistic support services in both Ukrainian and English languages to meet a wide range of needs. Our highly qualified bilingual professionals provide interpretation, translation, transcription, interpreter assessment and training, language teaching, language assessment and proofreading services.

Our performance includes public service interpreting in sectors such as social services, health, mental health, education, welfare, benefits, housing, solicitors and the Ministry of Justice. We also offer language assessment and examination services for Ukrainian and English, including exam paper setting, moderation, proofreading, and pilot assessments. Additionally, we provide interpreter assessment and training courses, as well as teaching Ukrainian and English as a foreign language, including curriculum and materials development, course delivery, teacher recruitment and progress reporting.

Integration Programme

Our Integration Programme empowers refugees to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to their communities. Lack of language skills is a major obstacle to their independence and integration. Proficiency in language is crucial for socio-economic rights, employment, and education. A shared language promotes social cohesion and enhances the well-being of refugees, preventing exclusion and boosting self-esteem. Early access to language classes is recommended but often unavailable. We offer comprehensive solutions, including Intensive English Language Courses and a tailored Employment Support Programme. Our aim is to help participants secure meaningful employment and become self-sufficient, overcoming language barriers.

Medical Equipment Procurement

We understand the critical importance of reliable and efficient medical equipment procurement. We specialise in sourcing high-quality medical equipment to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers. With our extensive network of trusted suppliers and our expertise in supply chain management, we ensure the timely delivery of essential medical equipment. Our rigorous selection process ensures that all equipment meets the highest standards of quality and safety. We are committed to streamlining the procurement process and ensuring that healthcare facilities have access to the equipment they need to deliver exceptional patient care.

Gilridge Limited

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